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The Chatham Conservation Foundation has been focusing our efforts on the restoration of parcels, in addition to acquiring land. Below, you will see a collection of stories on our inspiring restoration efforts.

Click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities to assist with continued restoration projects.


Barclays Pond & Trail

An ongoing invasive-control project at Barclays is one of many such projects that CCF is undertaking on its parcels. The multi-year effort will restore native environment and preserve biodiversity. Initial focus is on addressing a large stand of Japanese knotweed in the parking lot. CCF will mow down the knotweed repeatedly until the plant succumbs and encourage native plants, such as native grasses, goldenrod and black-eyed susan, to compete with and ultimately replace the knotweed.

Barclays Pond

Mayo House Mini Meadow 

Mayo House

As part of the major interior and exterior restoration efforts at the Mayo House, volunteers have created and are maintaining a native plant meadow landscape of grasses and wildflowers.


Click here to learn more about the mini meadow and find a downloadable brochure of the plantings.

Mayo House.PNG

Nickerson Restoration Site 

Nickerson Restoration

This 1.41 acre location is the site of an archaeological dig of the original Chatham homestead of William and Anne Busby Nickerson, two of the earliest European settlers in the area. For events such as Chatham History Weekend we work with the Nickerson Family Association to highlight the original homestead site through mowing the area. We are working with Blue Flax Design on a multi-year, CPA funded restoration: removing invasive vegetation, replanting with natives, and creating a new public walking trail.

This spring, after two years of hard work to remove the invasives, over 300 shrubs and trees will be planted in the front half-acre of the parcel. This has been a great collaborative effort, and we look forward to seeing the native plants returning, the path enjoyed by visitors, and the history and artifacts from the Nickerson family displayed and appreciated.

Click here to view the full Nickerson Invasive Species Management and Land Restoration Plan.

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Nick 2.PNG
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